At Waves, we monitor our clients campaigns on a weekly basis and constantly optimize their ads and targeting to achieve the highest yield and lowest costs possible. When it comes to paid social media campaigns; we develop, monitor and conquer.

By getting to know what you want to achieve, we identify the most suitable social networks to develop paid campaigns. Our aim, at all times, is to achieve the most for less.

Marketing Platforms We Use

Waves uses Facebook As the top social network on the planet, 2.6 billion people use Facebook every month. User targeting can be very granular with demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. Facebook supports retargeting through user activity on Facebook and off Facebook actions through advertisers’ Facebook pixel data and upload of customer lists.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users who tend to be younger than Facebook users. As a Facebook company, campaign creation and management are handled through the Facebook Ads platform. While Facebook recommends using Automatic Placements (targeting all placements in one campaign), this can easily be set to any placement the advertiser would like.

Google Ads is the most popular ad network due to the available reach of ads in volume of searches done in the Google search engine and a large number of websites on the Google Display Network (GDN).Billions of searches per day happen through Google’s search engine.

YouTube reaches over 2 billion logged-in users per month globally, so it’s an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach their audience through this platform effectively. Campaign creation and management are handled through the Google Ads platform with more in-depth information about the audience’s demographics and engagement through YouTube Analytics in the YouTube account.

Twitter offers several options to reach users through the platform used by 330 million active users each month. Unlike many other platforms, Twitter ads are entirely contained on Twitter, with no network partners. Promoted tweets are probably one of the most flexible ad formats because they can include any combinations of text and other media that comply with the overall policies.

Snapchat’s not just about fun filters and ephemeral content. It can also offer an interesting opportunity for ecommerce brands to explore a new way of gaining customers. From the launch of SnapCash to the discussions of improving its ecommerce potential, there are many reasons to believe that the social platform sees a valid reason to expand in this direction.

Our Results