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How Waves Agency Worked With Celebrity Jeweller Johnny Dang to Revolutionize How Grillz Are Sold Online

From cutting-edge diamond teeth “Grillz” to flashy pendants, Johnny Dang’s jewelry catches the eye. Celebrities and Hip Hop royalty cannot get enough. His customers include Kevin Hart, Justin Beiber, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, Floyd Mayweather Jr.& many more celebrities. He has even appeared in The Migos, Nelly, Moneybaggyo & More music videos. 

But despite his overall success, Johnny was unhappy with the performance of his website and digital marketing. Celebrity sales are good but one of their additional benefits is the brand awareness they create for online sales. But up to that point, Johnny’s online sales and website traffic were very disappointing. 

Not enough consumers were finding the website. And those that did were getting lost before the point of purchase. The website was un-optimized, for example, purchasing had many manual steps. The celebrity energy was going to waste.

From humble beginnings in Vietnam, Johnny had built his Houston based business up and had attracted the attention of hip hop royalty. But he knows long-term success requires continual improvement; building on your advantages at each stage.

Johnny knew that he needed to take his website and digital marketing to the next level to realize the potential of online sales. That’s when he brought in Waves Agency who built Johnny a from scratch a new state of the art website within 90 days, and formulated an overall marketing strategy. 

Within ten days of launching his new website, shopjohnnydang.com, online sales had increased to over $130,000. And within four months it had reached over $1.2 million. 

The new website was making waves. The avideo and celebrity snaps had captured the energy of Johnny’s brand. 

But more importantly the customer experience was much better. Customers are now taken on a journey from brand awareness, information, purchase, to brand loyalty. Practical elements like streamlining the purchase process has also made a big difference.

The website was also now part of a broader marketing strategy which included paid media, customer targeting and retention, and content marketing.

With paid media Waves selected the best social media platforms that took into consideration of Johnny’s audience through the incorporation of invigorating content and visual platforms such as snapchat, instagram, and google. Celebrity endorsements of the website link was a key weapon here. Endorsements from Trippie Redd, Dababy, KayyKilo, FunnyMike and more made posts stand out from the crowd.  Waves also monitored the campaigns weekly and made adjustments as needed.

The new website also benefited from new email and SMS flows to target potential customers and to retain loyal ones. This included abandoned cart flows, post-purchase upsell flows, and promotions for loyal customers. 

Johnny is ecstatic with the results of the new website and marketing. He finally feels like his business is starting to realize the potential of online sales. The energy from his celebrity clients is finally being leveraged. Johnny and his grillz are going to the next level!

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