"Retention is the single most important thing for growth."

-Alex Schultz, VP of Growth, Facebook

What stage is your brand in—awareness, engagement? How do you get to the next stage? We can develop a conversion funnel, driving your soon-to-be customers to learn more about your brand, increase their engagement, purchase your products, and—dream state—become brand loyalists.

Email marketing and SMS Marketing are used for warming the client to the point of conversion. They are used to re-engage the audience and send promotional offers to loyal customers. ​

We will create full email flows including Abandoned cart flows, post-purchase upsell flows, and more. These flows will each have 2-5 emails that send out automatically once the customer has entered the flow. We will also be launching graphically designed campaigns manually based upon a google calendar schedule which will be created and shared with you based on best sending times. These campaigns will be sent out from custom templates we make for you.

The templates we will be sending out are called: Know (Simple template), Like (some type of promo), Trust (Showing winner), Challenge (check out our socials / what we do), Convert (showcasing all products/selling points), VIP (Special offer email template) ​


In revenue generated through email marketing in 2020

Spent $570 to generate over $35,000 in 2020 from SMS marketing


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